Continuous Professional Development
for Developers & Data Scientists

Become a Data Scientist in 6 months
Learn-by-doing curriculum
Complete real-world projects
Get personalised feedback
Earn Data Science certification

Applied Data Science

Become a Data Scientist in 6 months with our intensive, part-time programme taught over weekends

  • Attend 10 intensive in-person training weekends
  • Build a portfolio of industry sponsored projects
  • Earn industry recognised certification
  • Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from experts

Courses and Bootcamps

Advance your skill set with our specialised Data Science courses and intensive bootcamps in London, Cambridge and Oxford.

Cambridge Data Science Summit

Cambridge Data Science Summit

A two-day multi-disciplinary conference for researchers, developers and data professionals. Learn from industry experts and explore the latest topics, tools and techniques in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics.

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Data Science Meetups

Free evening events in Cambridge, London, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham and Brighton.

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Attendees include

We have trained professionals from a variety of industries and organisations.