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Degree and Bootcamps

  • Fortnightly weekend training (bootcamps) and distance learning (MSc) options available
  • Data Science MSc, In-person Applied Data Science and Applied Data Analytics Bootcamps (London and Cambridge)
  • Intensive, job-ready training

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For Your Team

Corporate Training

  • Bespoke Python and Data Science training courses, Apprenticeships (level four, BSc, MSc), Data Academy and Graduate Schemes
  • Hands-on exercises, end-to-end approach
  • On-site, at your office

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Intensive Courses

Core Data Science

Data Science in Production with Python

Introduction to Big Data and PySpark

Regression and Time Series

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Python for Analysts

Python for Engineers

Pragmatic Python Programming

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Build an Internal Data Science Academy

Explore the most comprehensive Data Science curriculum


  • “I most enjoyed working on regressions. It’s an area I have not been involved with in my company, but by learning the techniques I have a better understanding of these models and can start using them myself as it’s so relevant.”

    Jan Cuppens
    Business Intelligence
  • “It’s the complete package. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable with industry experience and are very approachable, always taking the time to explain complex ideas.”

    Sanjay Hallan
    Senior Developer
  • “I experienced a proper transformation from being a non-tech person to a data scientist, and landed a job on the spot. When asked “What do you do?”, I can now reply, “I’m a Data Scientist.”

    Dmitriy Podkopaev
    Legal Data Scientist
  • “I would say I’m in a very different place, without this course I would not have landed my new job as a Data Scientist.”

    Tola Alade
    Data Scientist
  • “I’ve learned a lot about the thought process and how to implement each application appropriately. The course introduced new useful concepts like machine learning, unsupervised learning, supervised learning, NOSQL in very practical ways that I can apply to projects at work.”

    Sunny Ghosh
    Senior Software Engineer
  • “It’s been a really interesting experience… from knowing literally nothing about Python, to building my own models and applying them at work.”

    Marta Rodríguez Martínez
    Compliance & Analytics Manager
  • “I think it was one of the best decision of my life. In 8 months, I learned a lot and what is more, I found a job as a data scientist.”

    Alexandra Zalecka profile photo
    Alexandra zalecka
    Junior Data Scientist