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We focus on teaching the latest tools and techniques in data science and software development to equip individuals with the most relevant skills for industry needs.

Our team

Dr. Raoul-Gabriel Urma
Founder & CEO

Raoul holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University and was nominated an Oracle Java Champion for his contributions to the community. He is an international speaker and best-selling book author. He has advised and worked for several organisations on large-scale software engineering projects including at Google, Oracle, eBay and Goldman Sachs.

Dr. Chih-Chun Chen

Chih-Chun Chen is a research associate at the University of Cambridge. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from University College London and an bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Philosophy from the University of Oxford. She has worked for several large organisations, including Microsoft Research, Deutsche Bank, Yahoo Europe and e-skills UK (now the Tech Partnership).

Kevin Lemagnen
Engineering Manager

Kevin has led development of data products for the energy sector and worked for the telecommunications industry at Qualcomm. He was also a visiting researcher at Stanford University. Kevin has delivered data science and machine learning training courses to various clients from industries that include finance, engineering and research helping professionals leverage the latest techniques.

Olivia Hughes
Sales and Marketing manager

Olivia joined the team after attending our very first programming courses and is the person to talk to about our Applied Data Science Bootcamps and what it's like training at Cambridge Spark. She holds a degree in Design Innovation and Strategic Management from Victoria University and worked in user experience design. She also oversees our Web Design and Development.

Daniel Mitrovic
Marketing Analyst

Daniel joined the team, roughly two years after attending one of our earlier intensive coding workshops. He holds a degree in International Business Strategy from Anglia Ruskin University and has a diverse background, ranging from retail, FinTech and Supply Chain Management.

Susan Gatell
Corporate Development

Susan’s background includes senior roles in talent management and business development for technology and consulting businesses. She holds a degree in neuroscience from the University of Chicago and an MBA. She has advised on the evolving data science employment landscape, has a particular interest in skills development to support career transition to new areas.

Guy Tamas Illes
Data Engineer

Guy Tamas Illes joined the team in August 2018 and is developing the team's data pipeline to process the data flowing through our systems. Prior to that, he has worked at Morgan Stanley for 2 years developing high throughput, realtime fraud prevention services in close collaboration with Data Scientists. He holds a BSc in Software Development and is pursuing an MSc at Birkbeck University of London in Advanced Computing Technologies.

Sahan Bulathwela
Senior Teaching Fellow and Researcher

Sahan Bulathwela is a PhD in Machine Learning at UCL. Before that, he worked as a Data Science Engineer at Skimlinks, where his primary focus was on building high performance data pipelines for data processing and machine learning. He holds an MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning from UCL. For his masters thesis, he worked with a Research and Advanced Development team at Cisco Systems to adapt machine learning algorithms to Cybersecurity.

James Owers
Data Science Curriculum Lead

James joined the team in 2018 and is developing up-to-the-minute Data Science content. He's simultaneously pursuing his PhD applying Machine Learning to Music at The University of Edinburgh (Data Science CDT). His background is in Mathematics (King's College London, 2011) and, after a stint applying his skills to fraud detection, returned to academia for an MSc in Machine Learning at UCL in 2014, before moving up to Scotland.

Patrick Short
Senior Teaching Fellow

Patrick is a PhD student in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine at Cambridge University and The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and CEO of Heterogeneous, a startup based in Cambridge. His work focuses on analysing the role of non-coding mutations in developmental disorders, integrating a variety of diverse data sets including epigenetic marks, transcription factor binding predictions, and detailed clinical phenotypes with genome sequence data.

Dr. Ekaterina Kochmar
Senior Teaching Fellow

Ekaterina is a senior research associate at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, working on Automated Language Teaching and Assessment (ALTA). She conducted her Ph.D. at the Natural Language and Information Processing group, Computer Laboratory. Her research focuses on compositional distributional semantics and the use of machine learning methods in educational NLP.

Tim Hillel
Senior Teaching Fellow

Tim is finishing is PhD at Cambridge University doing research in Transport Modelling, Machine Learning and Big Data. He was a visiting scholar École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and has worked in the R&D lab at Huawei Technologies.

Judit Gorog

Judit has 13 years’ experience as PA and Executive Assistant. Before joining Cambridge Spark she worked for organisations like the University of Cambridge, Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council as a Senior PA / EA. With a BSc in Economics and many different PA and Secretarial qualifications.

Georgina Coakley
Course and Event Administrator

Georgina has 15 years of experience working with high profile businesses within the retail, hospitality and events industries.

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