About Us

Cambridge Spark

Cambridge Spark is a learning community for developers and data scientists.

We provide a platform to help individuals become more employable and relevant. We focus on teaching in-demand skills aligned with industry requirements and cutting-edge techniques in data science and software development.

Our Story

Founded in Cambridge, we are committed to sharing knowledge and providing the highest quality learning experience. Cambridge Spark has strong links with the University of Cambridge and other leading universities, and work collaboratively to give students the opportunity to acquire new skills through our hands-on, practical training.

We also work with leading organisations in the UK and Internationally to engage and recruit and train top technical talent.

Our Team

Cambridge Spark is made up of a team of top-tier Computer Science and Data Science researchers, industry specialists and experienced professional developers. We embrace talent and excellence in all its forms, and our team reflects this.

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We have trained professionals from a variety of industries and organisations.