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Become a Data Scientist in 6 months, taught over weekends

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Part-time, In-person training
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Gain the industry-relevant skills and practical experience needed to accelerate your Data Science career

Thibaut Lienart, Head of Data Science

Dr. Raoul-Gabriel Urma, CEO

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Applied Data Science

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160+ hours of live tuition and support

Training weekends are entirely hands on with tuition from our team of Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and PhD’s from Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and University College London.

Each are experts in their field with a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most recognisable tech companies including Google, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Amazon and CERN.

Thibaut Lienart
Research Associate
Imperial College London

Patrick Short
CEO, Heterogeneous
PhD, University of Cambridge

Kevin Lemagnen
Senior Data Scientist
Cambridge Spark

Ekaterina Kochmar
NLP Research Associate
University of Cambridge

Sahan Bulathwela
University College London

Andreas Gompos
Data Scientist
University College London

Elena Hatzimihali
Data Scientist

Ricardo Pio Monti
Postdoctoral training fellow
University College London

Giuseppe Vettigli
Data Scientist
British Gas

Francois-Xavier Briol
Oxford-Warwick Statistics

Alex Bird
University of Edinburgh

Jonathan Fernandes
Data Scientist
Solution Architect

Tim Hillel
Visiting Scholar, EPFL
University of Cambridge

David Illes
‎Vice President
‎‎Morgan Stanley

Ahmed Zaidi
University of Cambridge

120+ hours completing projects with immediate feedback

Between each training weekend you will receive project-based assignments to work on in a simulated industry environment and progressively put together a professional portfolio to demonstrate your skills.

Throughout you will access to our Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine (KATE) - a online learning environment that simulates industry-style software development.

With KATE you will:

  • ✓Receive exclusive exercises to practice using the latest tools and techniques
  • ✓Get automatic and immediate feedback on your code submissions
  • ✓Get the personalise support you need to develop and improve your technique

90+ hours contributing to a real-world problem

After completing the nine modules, you will work independently on an end-to-end project from our supporters and industry partners. We will match you with an exciting data science problem and help you make professional contacts in the field for advice and career opportunities.

Final projects come from a range of sectors. Some examples include:

  • ✓Deep Learning: automatic image classification
  • ✓Time Series: visualising a portfolio of stocks
  • ✓NLP: topic modeling for crowdfunding campaigns
  • ✓Working on your own work related project is also supported

Expand your professional network

Enjoy a collaborative, peer learning environment where you'll meet individuals from all industries. Socially, you will have the chance to attend formal dinners and evening networking events.

As part of our alumni community you will share knowledge and make lifelong connections with individuals working at a diverse range of companies.


  • Intermediate Python programming and use of the command line.
  • Basic probability and linear algebra.
  • Familiarity with Git.

Student Journey

You’ll complete the most comprehensive data science curriculum, designed for professionals looking to upskill while keeping their job.

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Professional Development Track

Master new Data Science skills
Attend intensive training weekends, get mentored by industry experts and access a range of industry-sponsored problems to build your portfolio.

Data Science Career Track

Land a job in Data Science
Get the entire Professional Development track + comprehensive career support and introductions to our network of hiring companies.

Included in the course price? Professional Development Track Career Track
160+ hours of face to face learning ✓ ✓
120+ hours of collaborative projects ✓ ✓
90+ hours of end-to-end data science problems ✓ ✓
Expert advice and feedback ✓ ✓
Immediate assessment ✓ ✓
Peer learning via our slack community ✓ ✓
Applied Data Science Certification ✓ ✓
Two Cambridge college formal dinners ✓ ✓
Evening drinks and socials ✓ ✓
Networking opportunities and membership of our alumni network ✓ ✓
Continuous careers support ✓
Technical interview preparation ✓
Recommended job opportunities ✓
Introductions to hiring companies ✓
Standard Price £6,960 £8,400
Early-bird Price – until 30 March £5,940 £7,290
Deposit at time of enrolment £990 £990
Monthly payments £550 £700

All prices include VAT.

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Head of Admissions