Building an Internal Data Academy with the UK Apprenticeship Levy

About Cambridge Spark’s Data Analyst Apprenticeship

As Data Science education specialists, Cambridge Spark’s Data Analyst Apprenticeship draws on experience from our bootcamps and corporate training, to deliver the most expert-led apprenticeship on the market. We offer a fast-track apprenticeship over 13 months for UK-based organisations — much shorter than the guideline 24 months, incorporating both the key fundamentals of the apprenticeship standard as well as optional advanced topics in machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks and deep learning.

The taught curriculum is supplemented by employer-relevant projects to embed the learning and create a tailored educational experience. Students are supported through online communication channels and personalised, immediate feedback on assignments via K.A.T.E.® — Cambridge Spark’s proprietary Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine.

Cambridge Spark’s teaching staff are all PhDs with relevant technical backgrounds, as well as significant industry experience to ensure a practical, applied approach to developing Data Science skills.

Becoming a Data Scientist is usually a personal responsibility. You invest time and money in a bootcamp, online course or masters and do the hard work of learning new skills on the side without compromising the day job.

Now there’s another route to becoming a Data Scientist — via a funded apprenticeship. Best of all, it’s the employers who organise the training with funding from their own apprenticeship levy funds, and give you some time off to train.

Don’t be misled by the word ‘apprentice’: the programme is open to current as well as new employees, people of any age, and even those with previous qualifications. The main criterion is that you’re learning a new skill.

This UK government scheme comes at a time when employers from all sectors are waking up to the need for more data analytics talent, and they can’t hire fast enough. The only solution is grow your own.

Currently there’s just one data apprenticeship standard available — the Data Analyst Apprenticeship (Level 4)
— which covers the collecting, managing and analysing data for business insight. It encompasses analytical techniques such as data mining, time series forecasting and modelling; understanding data structures and system design; and communicating data analysis via dashboards, visualisations and reports. It’s also a good base for more advanced data science topics.

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Create an internal Data Academy using apprenticeship levy funds

If you’re an organisation paying the apprenticeship levy, and you need to bring new data skills into the organisation — particularly machine learning and AI techniques — then the levy funding represents an opportunity to create an internal data training academy to upskill cohorts of relevant staff.

Data Science training experts Cambridge Spark — now also registered apprenticeship training providers — can develop a tailored curriculum that delivers the core curriculum of the apprenticeship standard, while building in additional training in Python and advanced Data Science topics such as machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks and deep learning.

The shape of the programme is tailored to the organisation so that topics and assignments are relevant to the employer. The timing is also flexible — the standard indicates a 24-month apprenticeship, although Cambridge Spark offers an accelerated course, from 13 to 18 months long, depending on needs and skills.

Growing your own data scientists may be easier than hiring them

With organisations aiming to become more data-driven, the hiring gap is getting bigger. The problem isn’t just a supply and demand issue, but also an assessment challenge: do candidates have the data skills that their CVs indicate, and how relevant are these skills to the business? The apprenticeship levy gives control back to the employer — to upskill new or current staff through a training programme that teaches the data skills but within the context of the employer’s business.

This approach ensures the most relevant training outcomes. Whether your business wants to use data analytics for better understanding of customers, for process improvement and automation, for market insights or product development, bringing the training in-house makes sense. It enables your Data Science staff learn their craft within your work environment so the new tools of machine learning and AI can work for your business.

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