Practical, project-based training courses in Cambridge and London

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Get started

Gain the essential technical skills to build your own products and apply practical techniques to real-world projects.

Build a Web App

Learn how to create your own web app from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

beginner level Beginner

Introduction to Data Science

Exploratory data analysis and interactive visualisation, unsupervised learning, dimensionality reduction and feature extraction, supervised learning and more.

beginner level Beginner

Advance your skills

Build specialist domain knowledge as you learn state-of-the-art techniques and more advanced Machine Learning methods to progress further in the field.

Advanced Machine Learning Techniques in Python

Model evaluation and optimisation, decision trees, random forests, logistic regression, SVMs, neural networks, deep learning and more.

intermediate level Intermediate

Forecasting and Analysis techniques with Python

Linear regression, nonlinear regression, auto-regressive models, time series analysis, regularisation and more.

intermediate level Intermediate

Text Mining and Natural Language Processing with Python

Text processing, syntactic analysis, semantic analysis, topic analysis, language models, sentiment analysis and more.

intermediate level Intermediate

Introduction to Big Data Analytics and Engineering

3Vs of big data, Lambda architecture, CAP theorem, MapReduce, Spark, pipeline tuning and more.

intermediate level Intermediate