Pragmatic Python Programming

Learn Python fundamentals and coding best practices.

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two days Course

What you will learn

You will learn the basics of Python and the most used libraries for data analysis (numpy and pandas). After taking this class you will be able to:

  • Write standalone programs or interactive notebooks in Python
  • Load data files, process their content and save analysis results
  • Fetch webpages and extract useful information from them
  • Interact with online services through APIs
  • Learn functional programming idioms for processing data
  • Maintain, debug and improve existing Python programs

Languages, tools

  • Python programming language
  • iPython notebook
  • pip package ecosystem


Audience: Those who want to learn a new programming language or who need to pick up the necessary skills to follow our other Python-based courses.

Prerequisites: Understanding of basic programming concepts (such as variables and functions).

The course is taught over two days. After completing the course, you will be able to write high quality software in Python and use multiple development and execution environments.

Day 1

Python fundamentals, development and execution environments, files

Session 1

Python Fundamentals

  • Control flow
  • Data structures (lists, dictionaries and more)
  • Iteration and comprehension

Session 2


  • iPython notebook
  • IDE
  • pip
  • Python 2 vs Python 3

Session 3


  • Loading files
  • Saving files
  • Error management

Day 2

Practical Python, advanced topics, APIs

Session 1


  • APIs to online services
  • Encoding formats: json, xml, csv
  • Specialised datatypes (timestamps, coordinates and more)
  • Regular expressions

Session 2

Code architecture

  • Code organisation and maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Packaging


Throuhgout the bootcamp, you will implement a program that collects data from multiple web pages, processes this data to extract useful information, and presents the results back to you. You will write this program as you go along: starting with a small prototype and improving it when you learn new features of Python.


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