Build a Web App

Learn how to create your own web app from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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one day Course

What you will learn

You will learn programming fundamentals using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create your own interactive web application.

  • Create a simple website using HTML
  • Style a webpage using CSS
  • Create responsive mobile-friendly pages using Bootstrap
  • Use JavaScript to add interactivity to your web page
  • JQuery for dynamically manipulating your web page

Languages and libraries

  • HTML for structure a website
  • CSS and Bootstrap.css for styling your web pages
  • JavaScript for adding interactivity
  • JQuery for manipulating the DOM


Prerequisites: This course is designed for beginners of all ages who wish to learn more about coding and how to create web application.

There are five modules in the Web App Workshop, each introducing one or two core programming concepts. the learning activities in each allow you to build the web page in manageable steps while seeing the concepts in action as you code.

  • 10:00
    Structuring with HTML
    how to create a simple HTML page
  • 11:00
    Styling with CSS
    how to style your web page
  • 12:00
    Advanced Layout and Styling
    how to create a sophisticated layout for your mobile-friendly web pages
  • 13:00
    Lunch Break
  • 14:00
    Adding Interactivity with JavaScript
    how to request information from users and make your web page more dynamic
  • 16:00
    The Server
    how to store information from your users for later processing
  • 17:00
    wrap-up and successful participation certificates

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