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Upskill new and existing talent with our accelerated 14-month government-funded apprenticeship

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Upskill your employees using the Apprenticeship Levy

Our Apprenticeship Levy-funded Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4) equips learners with an advanced skill set to empower them to extract, manipulate and visualise data, enabling organisations to answer complex questions and drive strategic value.

Across 14 months, learners will undertake ten expert-designed modules remotely, whilst receiving coaching, attending check-ins and submitting assignments to K.A.T.E.® – before preparing for and undertaking their end point assessment and certification exams.

Develop Advanced Data Analytics with Python

Enable your organisation to be more productive by learning the most popular general purpose programming language. They will learn advanced data analytics skills using Python programming, applicable to any industry whether it be Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceutical or Business Intelligence etc. 

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Apprentices will learn how to:

  • Programme in Python
  • Use advanced data analysis tools such as Pandas and Numpy
  • Work with different data formats, types and databases such as SQL
  • Process Big Data
  • Build and implement Machine Learning models

Looking for yourself?

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Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

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More than 15 apprentices?


What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a long-term training commitment which seek to upskill existing UK-based employees within an organisation, enabling employers to foster a workforce consisting of highly-skilled and highly-engaged talent.

They typically run over 14-24 months and include 20% off-the-job training, enabling a blended approach between theory and practical-learning to be achieved by learners. 

The Apprenticeship Levy

The UK government’s Apprenticeship Levy scheme came into effect in April 2017 as a way to drive investment in strengthening the country’s skills base.

All organisations with staff costs of over £3m have to pay 0.5% of their salary bill into a ring-fenced apprenticeship levy pot. The money is collected monthly via PAYE, but can be clawed back within 24 months and used for training on approved apprenticeship schemes (such as the Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)).


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Why learn with us?

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Real-world simulated projects with K.A.T.E.®

Instant feedback 24/7, flexible-learning, applied practical experience, guaranteed ROI

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Accelerated programme & flexible learning

14 months, blended-learning, flexible learning, 24/7 feedback with K.A.T.E.®  

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Expert designed curriculum delivering the right skills

Designed by Data Scientists and Data Analysts working in industry, for industry

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Teaching & coaching from professionals

All of our teachers and mentors work as Data Scientists/Analysts and our coaches are professionally trained

Digital Learning & K.A.T.E.®

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Modules will be delivered via our learning management system, and  K.A.T.E.® (Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine), Cambridge Spark’s AI-powered learning and development platform.

K.A.T.E.® provides instant feedback on code quality within an industry-simulated environment so students can effectively benchmark their code. It also provides personalised recommendations to enable learners to truly own their development and achieve a steeper rate of learning – guaranteeing ROI to business and L&D leaders.

The platform also provides Human Resource and management with a dashboard to monitor the progress of learners and track the progress of learners.

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Assessment and Certification

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Towards the end of their learning journey, we’ll prepare the apprentices to undertake their certification exams and interview to achieve the following:

  • BCS Data Analyst (level 4) Apprenticeship Certificate
  • 1-year free membership on the BCS RITTech
Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

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