Data Analyst Apprenticeship (L4)

Upskill new and existing talent with our accelerated 14-month government-funded apprenticeship

Starts September 2021

14 months

Virtual Learning


Build your organisation’s Data Analytics capabilities at scale using the Apprenticeship Levy

In just 14 months, our Data Analyst Apprenticeship (Level 4) will equip learners with the technical skill set to empower them to extract, manipulate and visualise data, enabling organisations to answer complex questions and drive strategic value.

  • Apprentices will learn key data analysis concepts in Python through interactive workshops, followed by hands-on practice using K.A.T.E.®
  • Apprentices will undertake work-based projects, allowing them to apply new skills to your business right away
  • Apprentices will receive technical mentoring and be assigned a personal coach to support them through their whole journey
  • At the end of the programme, apprentices will undertake exams to receive certification from the British Computer Society (BCS)

The Data Analyst Apprenticeship (Level 4) is funded by the UK government through the Apprenticeship Levy. For levy-paying employers, there is no cost to training apprentices. Non-levy-paying employers only pay 5% of the cost.

Apprentices will complete 20% off-the-job training, enabling a virtual approach between theory and practical-learning.

Bridge your organisation’s digital skills gap

The UK skills gap is widening, and finding the right people to help you become a data-driven organisation isn’t easy. But there are ways to bridge the gap.

The most forward thinking companies are turning to government-funded apprenticeships to equip their staff with practical data analysis skills that will enable them to produce actionable insights for the business.

Our pioneering, customer-focused curriculum is built on our proprietary AI-powered platform, K.A.T.E.® and is designed to accelerate the tech capability of individuals and organisations.

Apprentices will learn how to programme in Python, the most popular programming language in the world, applicable to every industry and to a range of roles and functions including HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

Employer-funded route

As well as being offered as an apprenticeship, we can also offer flexible, employer-funded academies that cover the same modules, but without the requirements and regulations. Learning content can be customised to meet budget, timescales and skills requirements.

This route would suit those who are looking for more flexibility, are not eligible for funding or are not suitable for an apprenticeship.


“The Cambridge Spark curriculum offered the opportunity for GSK staff to develop skills in Python, visualisation, and big data to support them in the use and development of data as a tool for the business.”

Tim Buchanan,
Apprenticeship Vendor Manager at GSK


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The apprenticeship

About the apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is for your team if they are:

  • Working with data on a regular basis (whether they’re generating reports, analysing data, or crunching numbers using spreadsheets)
  • Looking to add more strategic value that’s backed by data
  • Looking to automate the manual collation and processing of data
  • Wanting to future-proof their skill set by learning in-demand, industry-relevant skills
  • Working in a data-driven department, for example business intelligence, data assurance, data quality, finance, marketing, sales, or manufacturing

This apprenticeship will ensure that your team is able to apply the latest and most in-demand data analysis tools and techniques in an end-to-end project, and instantly make an impact in their work.

By the end of the programme, apprentices will be able to:

  • Programme in Python and use data analysis tools such as Pandas and Numpy, as well as work with different data formats, types and databases such as SQL
  • Use a range of analytics techniques such as data mining, time series forecasting and modelling techniques to identify and predict trends and patterns in data
  • Summarise, present and make recommendations from the results of data analysis using data visualisation
  • Quickly test and prototype code in a production environment, follow industry best practices, and use collaborative workflows
  • Identify, collect and migrate to/from a range of internal and external systems and perform database queries across multiple tables to extract data for analysis
  • Understand the architecture and engineering constraints of big data systems, and how to apply tools such as Hadoop and Spark to gather, process and analyse large amounts of data

Apprenticeship prerequisites:

  • Apprentices must be employed in a relevant role (anyone working with data on a regular basis)
  • Apprentices must have a GCSE Grade A-C in Maths or equivalent, or have relevant work experience (exceptions may apply)
  • Apprentices must have no prior data or computer science degree or related experience (exceptions may apply)

Your options:

Fewer than 20 apprentices?

  • Mixed cohort, virtual learning, set start dates
  • Paid for by the UK government for Levy-paying employers
  • First five modules taught virtually via live instructor-led sessions, remaining modules taught through our learning management system (flexible, remote delivery)
  • Online project submissions via K.A.T.E.®
  • End point assessment and certification preparation

More than 20 apprentices?

  • In-house data academy, virtual learning, open enrolment
  • Paid for by the UK government for levy-paying employers
  • Live instructor-led training workshops with recordings available after each session
  • Live-coding sessions for every module with coaching from an experienced data scientist
  • Online project submissions via K.A.T.E.®
  • Branded hackathon on your own dataset, tailored to your businesses needs
  • Access to real-time employee performance dashboard, regular progress updates and feedback reports
  • End point assessment and certification preparation

Learn with K.A.T.E.®


Modules will be delivered via our learning management system, and K.A.T.E.® (Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine), Cambridge Spark’s AI-powered learning and development platform.

K.A.T.E.® provides instant feedback on code quality within an industry-simulated environment so students can effectively benchmark their code. It also provides personalised recommendations to enable learners to truly own their development and achieve a steeper rate of learning – guaranteeing ROI to business and L&D leaders.

The platform also provides Human Resource and management with a dashboard to monitor the progress of learners and track the progress of learners.


“The K.A.T.E® platform forms part of our learning solution for a Data Science upskilling program we run called Data Science Academy. To make these technology solutions most effective, the key consideration for us is the balance between learner experience and scale/automation which the K.A.T.E® platform delivers on.”

Derek Joyce,
Managing Director
J.P. Morgan Chase UK


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The curriculum

What apprentices will learn

  • Introduction to Python
    Understand and become familiar with Python syntax, structure and programming concepts.
  • Data Processing with Pandas
    Join, manipulate and summarise datasets using the Pandas library.
  • Data Visualisation
    Learn how to select and use the best methods for visualising the data using libraries such as Seaborn and Bokeh.
  • Introduction to SQL
    Perform SQL queries on database systems to extract data for analysis.
  • Web Scraping, JSON and API’s
    Read and write JSON data with Python, scrape and use data from websites and work with different document formats or data types.
  • Hackathon
    Reinforce and develop the technical knowledge, practical skills and data analyst behaviours with a halfway hackathon.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
    Learn the fundamentals of the data lifecycle, what machine learning can do and how to conduct feature engineering and regression analysis.
  • Supervised Learning
    Understand how to develop and select appropriate supervised learning models including logistic regression and decision trees and how to evaluate their performance.
  • Time Series and Unsupervised Learning
    Build on previous learning and increase skills in time series analysis and clustering of data.
  • Big Data Systems
    Learn the characteristics of Big Data problems and systems as well as the key technologies available.
  • Data Science for Business
    Data Ethics and Regulations & Data Science for Business.

End Point Assessment

Apprentices will carry out a final project and prepare a presentation which will be assessed. They will also take part in a professional discussion and complete a technical test.

Apprentices will receive:

  • BCS Data Analyst (level 4) Apprenticeship Certificate
  • 1 year membership on the BCS RITTech

Why learn with us?

edukate icon

Real-world simulated projects with K.A.T.E.®

Instant feedback 24/7, cloud-based, flexible-learning, applied practical experience, guaranteed ROI


Accelerated programme & flexible learning

14 months, virtual-learning, 24/7 feedback with K.A.T.E.®


Expert designed curriculum delivering the right skills

Designed by Data Scientists working in industry, for industry


Teaching & coaching from professionals

All of our teachers and coaches have PhD’s from the UK’s best universities and backgrounds in world-renowned machine learning organisations, such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon


“What we are really impressed with is the flexibility to adapt the programme and the ability to work together to make the experience more effective for the learner. It’s important to continuously work on learner engagement, because if we get that right, then the rest of it works. The ongoing feedback and communication from Cambridge Spark has also been invaluable.”

Tim Buchanan,
Apprenticeship Vendor Manager at GSK

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