Manchester Data Science

Manchester Data Science Summit

Join us to network, develop new skills and gain insight into the evolving field of data science

Manchester Data Science Summit

Join us to network, develop new skills and gain insight into the evolving field of data science

Friday 23 March
Talks and Networking
Saturday 24 March
Hands-on Workshops
Museum of Science and Industry

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Dr. Raoul-Gabriel Urma, CEO


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Summit Updates

2-Day Summit

Packed full of inspiring keynotes and practical workshops and numerous networking opportunities.

10 Speakers

Representing a range of sectors, from research and bioinformatics to business and finance.


Covering Exploratory Data Analysis and Machine Learning using Python.

Featured Speakers

Prof. Sunil Vadera
Professor, University of Salford

Session: Research Challenges in Applying Data Mining

Erik Mathiesen

Session: Introduction to Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

Julia Gwilt
Partner, Appleyard Lees

Session: An overview of patent activity in machine learning

Leanne Fitzpatrick
Head of Analytics, Hello Soda

Session: Deploying Machine Learning Models as A Service

Dr. Erol-Valeriu Chioasca
Founder, Exgence

Session: AI Systems for Requirements Quality and Compliance

Stuart Davie
Head of Data Science R&D, Peak

Session: Data Science for Business

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Deep Dive Workshops

Data Science Summit

Session 1: Data Science essentials

  • Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning
  • The Numpy library for array manipulations

Session 2: Data Analysis using Python

  • The Pandas library for data manipulation
  • Data cleaning and pre-processing
  • Data visualisation with Matplotlib

Session 3: Machine Learning Techniques

  • The scikit-learn library for Machine Learning
  • Applying Principal Component Analysis
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Past attendees include

Prior knowledge

  • Conference talks are suitable for all individuals looking to get insight into the latest data science topics, applications and key challenges faced in industry.
  • Workshops will assume some basic knowledge about programming in Python. You can acquire these skills at our Python bootcamp.

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