Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Neural Networks Fundamentals, Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks.


What you will learn

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

You will learn advanced state-of-the art machine learning techniques that are in demand in industry and research.

Applications of neural networks
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
Batch normalisation (RNNs)
Recurrent Neural Networks
CNNs and RNNs for Time Series
Long Short-Term Memory Network

Languages and libraries:

Python 3
Numpy and Pandas for data manipulation
Scikit-learn for machine learning algorithms
Keras for neural networks and deep learning


Good knowledge of python, some familiarity with matrices, basic understanding of machine learning practice.


Individuals who wish to take their data science skills further and learn state-of-the-art techniques in this constantly evolving field.

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Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Case Studies

Deep Learning and Natural Langauge Processing (NLP) Training for Deloitte

Cambridge Spark’s project-based training provided an effective solution. Delivered in-house at their London office, the one-day Deep Learning and NLP course combined a series of short lectures to present the theory followed by practical sessions to ensure individuals develop an in-depth understanding about how and when to apply each model.

Learning  Outcomes:

Learn about how neural networks are constructed and how to use them in practice
Learn the theoretical foundations behind CNNs and how to apply them on real problems
Learn how to use neural networks on time series data and the theory behind RNNs and LSTM

KATE Projects:

  • Neural Networks: Build a model using Neural Networks to classify images related to

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