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A collection of learning materials and personalised feedback to advance your skillset.


Learn in-demand skills through self-paced, project-based courses.

Complete real-world projects

Get practice and hands-on experience working with real-world datasets.

Get personalised feedback

Receive expert guidance and project feedback to help you progress further.

Earn Data Science certification

Earn Cambridge Spark Certification to acknowledge your newly acquired skills.

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Introduction to Data Science

Learn the core skills you need to start practicing as a data scientist.

Coming soon

Advanced Machine Learning Techniques using Python

Learn how to apply various machine learning techniques for exploring, forecasting and classifying data.

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Text Mining and Natural Language Processing with Python

Learn how to extract syntactic, semantic and even emotional information from text.

Coming soon

Introduction to Big Data Analytics and Engineering using Spark in Python

Learn about Big data, the Hadoop ecosystem and Spark in practice.

Coming soon

Forecasting and Analysis Techniques with Python

Learn how to develop and evaluate regression models that allow you to make quantitative predictions.

Coming soon

Data Science in Python - The Essentials

Learn all the core skills you need to start practicing as a data scientist

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