Introduction to Python Bootcamp

Discover the most widely adopted programming language used by global leaders in Data Science and Machine Learning

Weekend one 
22, 23 June

Weekend two
20, 21 July


In-person training, London

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31st March 2019

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Introduction to Python Bootcamp

Python is an easy to learn, powerful and general-purpose programming language that’s powering the world’s leading companies.

This “most-searched-for language” sits in the top three programming languages used in the world, with nearly 40% of developers working with Python, and a further 25% wishing to do so.

It’s also widely adopted in industry and currently used by Pixar for producing films, Netflix for recommending content and Google for crawling the web, amongst many other innovative giants.


The language’s two main advantages are its simplicity and flexibility. Its straightforward syntax and use of indented spaces make it easy to learn, read and share.

The Economist

source: The Economist
source: The Economist

Applications of Python


Analysts typically have to sift through multiple csv files, merge them and email summary reports automatically. 

Data Analysis

Visualising information, extracting data from word documents, text files and spreadsheets.

Web App

Creating web application for people to use (e.g. Youtube was initially written in Python).

Top Employers for Python

About the Bootcamp

Introduction to Python Bootcamp

The Python Prep Bootcamp is an intensive, weekend training programme for professionals who want to learn programming with Python.

Python is an incredibly productive and general purpose language which is popular for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Software Development projects. Python features an extensive range of open-source libraries and tools for different applications fuelling Python’s growth and rapid adoption in industry.

If you are looking to advance your programming skills and get up to speed using Python, this comprehensive Bootcamp is a good place to start. Over two applied training weekends, you will learn the relevant theory, syntax and Python best coding practices as well as get practical experience working on a range of concrete problems using Python.

This programme covers the required programming prerequisites for our Applied Data Science Bootcamp

Bootcamp requirements

  • Already have some exposure to typing and running code in one programming language
  • Be competent using a computer and unafraid of the operating system interface


Our Python Bootcamp includes four in-person weekend training sessions. After each training weekend, you will receive a project-based assignment to continue practising your skills. These assignments will be completed remotely using K.A.T.E.® – a proprietary system developed by Cambridge Spark to provide a unique learning and assessment environment. Using K.A.T.E.® you will get immediate, personalised feedback on your coding assignments.

Introduction to Python Bootcamp

By the end of this bootcamp, you will :

  • Get confidence writing and running Python scripts

  • Have experience using Python for Data Analysis, processing files and task automation

  • Learn the fundamental Python constructs for both Data Science and Software Development

  • Understand good Python programming practices: OOP, code quality and testing

  • Develop the skills to pick up new libraries and go about troubleshooting problems in different industry scenarios.

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