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Reduce your time to hire using AI-powered coding assessment

We reduce your time to hire by leveraging our network of vetted data science professionals and our AI-powered assessment platform KATE. We help you build hyper-qualified candidate pipelines tailored to your requirements. Key roles include Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers and Data Analysts.

  • “It was great to see so many students using cutting-edge tools and technologies to interact with financial data while exploring real-world scenarios and AI-powered platforms.”

    Matthew Sattler
    Head of Business Insights & Analytics at HSBC
  • “KATE helped significantly to make our option pricing competition using Python a big success.”

    Dr Heiko Schäfer
    Quantitative Developer at IMC

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Attract top talent through online Hackathons and Coding Competitions using KATE, increasing your brand in the market and building a qualified talent pool: 

We invest in our community networks, hosting events, contributing knowledge and expertise to engage passive talent
KATE simulates your data science work environment to facilitate the build of hyper-qualified talent pools
Use KATE to showcase the skills and techniques being used in your organisation


Accelerate your interview process by using KATE to run in-depth bespoke coding skill assessments, from graduates to experienced hires, to identify the candidates with the right technical skills for any analytics role.

Assessment Days for scalable hiring needs to reduce time to hire
Use our standard assessments or create projects tailored to your required skillset
KATE supports multiple programming languages, frameworks, and role-based assessments
Candidates easily access assessments in-browser with no installation requirement through our Web Integrated Development Environment (Web IDE)
In-depth skills report and feedback through formative or summative assessments



Reduce your time to hire by directly accessing our pre-assessed alumni and diverse talent ecosystem to hire

Identify and hire individual candidates with specific specialist skills within Data Science, AI and Data Engineering by leveraging our exclusive network of professionals
Employ professionals at scale by utilising our bespoke solutions based on your multiple hiring goals, enabling you to scale hiring precisely at the time you need


Enhance your internal capability through our tailored Data Science academy programmes to motivate and retain your teams.

Leverage our government-funded apprenticeship programmes to upskill your workforce
Rapidly up-skill your teams’ technical abilities with in-person short courses and practical projects in programming, Data analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning
Upskill your current workforce using our scalable, online continuous learning & development solutions delivered with our platform KATE


The KATE platform forms part of our learning solution for a Data Science upskilling program we run called Data Science Academy. To make these technology solutions most effective, the key consideration for us is the balance between learner experience and scale/automation which the K.A.T.E.® platform delivers on.

Derek Joyce
MD, JPMorgan

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