Cambridge Spark Data Science Tour

Join us to learn about Data Science, Big Data Analytics and state-of-the-art techniques used in industry

31 March till 30 June 2017

6 Cities

Across the UK

10 Events

Workshops and Tech Talks


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Across all industries, individuals with the data science skills to collect, analyse and transform data into insights are in high demand. In fact, McKinsey forecasts that by 2018, the demand for data scientists will exceed supply by more than 50 percent.

Whether you are pursuing a career in Data Science or looking to get started, join us to learn more about the field and start developing valuable interdisciplinary skills.

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16 March, Cambridge

Evening Workshop

30 March, London

Evening Tech Talk

25 April, Bristol

Evening Tech Talk

20 April, Cambridge

Evening Workshop

04 May, Oxford

Evening Tech Talk

08 May, London

Evening Workshop

24 May, Birmingham

Evening Tech Talk

25 May, Oxford

Evening Workshop

13 June, London

Evening Workshop

19 June, Brighton

Evening Tech Talk

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